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Sunshine Coalition

The Coalition For Sunshine Laws met on Oct. 25 to discuss the upcoming State legislative session and selective monitoring of meetings to ensure compliance with the Sunshine Law.

The Coalition consists of the Media Council, Honolulu Journalists Assn., The Hawaii Press Club, Common Cause, Kokua Council for Senior Citizens, Prof. John Luter of UH Journalism Dept., Marilyn Bornhorst, the Hawaii Ctte for Freedom of the Press, and the League of Women Voters.

Possible conflict between the Privacy Act and the Sunshine Law was discussed. It was brought to the attention of the group that if a law suit is possible, pending, or even threatened, then on advice of counsel such a meeting could be closed. The group decided to monitor selected meetings and return a form on all closed meetings to see just how the law was working. A committee was selected to discuss and draft such a form for use by any group that found a meeting closed to the public. The Coalition will meet again in November.

Romayne Karl

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