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The Consumer and Housing

Everyone in Hawaii is aware that the housing situation has reached a crisis. There are a number of special interest groups working on the problem and among them you may have noticed the "Consumers' Housing Task Force" (CHTF) mentioned in the news. CHTF is a group of concerned individuals acting independently or as representatives of different organizations who have come together to provide a broad base in the interest of housing needs in Hawaii. It's an umbrella organization representing an ever growing number of entities in Hawaii, including the League of Women Voters.

The primary goal of CHTF is "to assure that enough affordable housing which meets the needs of all Hawaii's people is available." It strives to meet this goal by: (1) Identifying the basic factors that contribute to Hawaii's housing crisis; (2) Defining the issues upon which action can be taker as a group; and (3) Supporting single purpose groups on a limited number of issues.

At present the thrust of CHTF's efforts is toward getting "inclusionary zoning" passed. The group recognizes that inclusionary zoning is not the "final solution" to Hawaii's housing problems but believes that its enactment should not wait for a Comprehensive Housing Plan to be drawn up. The time for taking the first step in the right direction is now.

CHTF represents a broad spectrum of organizations including Neighborhood Boards, the Legal Aid Society, Life of the Land, Hawaii Council of Churches, ILWU, Pacific Housing Assistance Corp., and many others. It was organized under the auspices of the Health and Community Services Council which provides backup support and the part-time services of one of their staff.

With everyone's help, CHTF should make significant input into the resolution of Hawaii's housing problems. Everyone is welcome to the open meetings. Please contact Vi Gren at 946-9341 for details.

Vi Gren

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