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From National

An interesting "Management Newsbrief" from National League on membership and volunteerism hit home, and one of the "batters" quoted is our own JERRY HESS. How to recruit, retain and involve members when so many work or have other commitments is a problem for all Leagues.

To quote from the Newsbrief:

Every member counts! And how salutary it would be for the League as a whole to put the phrase "inactive member" forever to rest. What it says to recent and longtime members alike is that they are un worthy if they cannot or will not enter into a full-scale League commitment. As JERRY HESS, past-president of the LWV of Hawaii puts it, "We have to stop instilling new and old members with a sense of guilt if they don't fit into our mold. Let's rework the mold to fit more varieties of members."

Well said, Jerry. We'll hold Windward Units at your beach at Punaluu with snorkeling lessons as an added attraction!

Seriously, if any member has ideas to rework the traditional League mold, let the Board know. Ideas are always welcome.

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