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Last month the new Board of Education met to identify the goals and concerns of the 13 members. The larger size of the Board created problems in discussion and decision-making. Thus, the Board agreed to let an ad hoc ctte prepare a formal list of goals and objectives that the Board as a whole will address during their four years in office. We, the public, should make certain we know and understand these goals. It is our concern that public education prepare everyone for a contributing role in society.

Several of the Board members voiced concerns about the public image of BOE. There seemed to be irritation that the Dept of Education might be getting credit for some Board directives. We must congratulate the members from Kauai and Maui for their understanding of the need for cooperation between the BOE and the DOE. Mr. Ueoka of Maui said, "...if the Dept looks good, ultimately the Board will look good."

Of course, we all want to look good, but it would seem that it is more important for the students to look good through academic achievement. We suggest that it would be more appropriate for the Board to be concerned with improving the quality of education in the schools than with improving their image in the newspapers. With talk of tuition tax credits and vouchers for education, we must concentrate on raising levels of achievement. Thus, we hope the new expanded Board will resolve its identification problems and get down to the issues before it.

Arlene Woo
for Viewpoint

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