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Program Planning at February Units: The Unit - What Is it?
President's Message (Barbara Farwell)
How Laws Grow
Units - What Is the League Doing?
What Makes the City Run? Dept of Transportation Services (Dorothy Lum)
Transportation Update (Dorothy Lum)
Ghostrider on TheBus
Women's Issues
Public Hearings on Development Plans
League Position on Housing (Astrid Monson)
Builder Talks to Planning Committee
Growth Management Planning
Wanted Alive & Active
Sunshine Coalition
Corporate Fund Raising (Bobbie Slater)
Direct Mail Drive
Is Anyone Listening? The New Board of Education (Arlene Woo)
Values and Violence in the Schools
Health Care Study

President's Message

The heart of League is action, but we cannot have action without program. The two are inseparably linked. This means that each year we must examine our local program: Where do we wish to put our emphasis? Where in the community can we have the most impact? Do we need further study of old items, or new studies?

Our February Units will be addressing these questions, and you -- our members -will be giving the answers. For it is members who determine League's direction, not the Board or any committee.

The Units will be the first step in the program planning process. Board members and program committee members will attend units to bring all of you up-to-date on what League has been doing and what we might continue to do.

First, we can continue our current action items: Planning and zoning, transportation, City Council, and local government are areas where we have local positions and have acted this year. At units you will get a briefing on what those positions are and how they have been used.

Second, we can drop any of those positions. League "drops" positions when they become out-of-date or irrelevant. None of our positions seem to fit these categories, but maybe some of you will disagree at the Units.

Third, we can update old positions, or adopt new ones. Housing is one area where we may want to do a quick updating. Perhaps some would like a new study. In the past, HART has been suggested for a study leading to a consensus. Just remember -- if a new study is adopted, a committee must be formed. Members must be willing to support a new study with hard work!

After Unit meetings the Board will evaluate member discussions and put together recommendations for the new year's program. These recommendations will be published in the Voter. Members will vote on these at Annual Meeting.

It could be that there will be strong member interest in a new item which, for various reasons, the Board might not want. Such an item is still brought to Annual Meeting but as a "nonrecommended item."

So you see, members really do determine what League does. That is why it is so important to come to the February Units, and later, to Annual Meeting. If you cannot make it to Units and want to suggest program, call me, or send a note to the office. We want to hear from you!

Barbara Farwell

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