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Program Planning at February Units: The Unit - What Is it?
President's Message (Barbara Farwell)
How Laws Grow
Units - What Is the League Doing?
What Makes the City Run? Dept of Transportation Services (Dorothy Lum)
Transportation Update (Dorothy Lum)
Ghostrider on TheBus
Women's Issues
Public Hearings on Development Plans
League Position on Housing (Astrid Monson)
Builder Talks to Planning Committee
Growth Management Planning
Wanted Alive & Active
Sunshine Coalition
Corporate Fund Raising (Bobbie Slater)
Direct Mail Drive
Is Anyone Listening? The New Board of Education (Arlene Woo)
Values and Violence in the Schools
Health Care Study



EVELYN CHAR 351 Anonia Street Honolulu, 96821


SUSAN BACON 46 N. Esplanade Englewood, FL 33533

DOROTHY GULLICKSEN P.O. Box 23271 Honolulu, 97822

BARBARA MARUMOTO State Capitol Room 414 Honolulu, 96813

PATRICIA NEILS 204 Makee Road #604 Honolulu, 96815

NOTE: Some 373 and 377 telephone numbers have been changed to 396. Members whose numbers have changed should send change in to the office.

GOOD NEWS! Our 1981 member Directories are due soon.


Changing your address or phone number? Please use thr form below to notify the League, 116 S. King #504, a couple of weeks in advance. We don't want to lose track of you!

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