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Garbage Power

Mark your calendar to learn all about garbage power. That's right! As the flyer says, there's power in garbage waste. As background for the general meeting, the following is from our testimony before the City Council:

"HPOWER fulfills many desirable goals in the areas of energy and environmental quality control. Using garbage to make electricity is an important step in developing a mix of renewable energy sources to reduce Oahu's dependence on imported oil. HPOWER, when operating, is expected to provide 5% of Oahu's electricity needs. This represents an appreciable reduction in the need for imported fuel.

By recycling metals which will be separated from the waste stream, HPOWER will also help preserve mineral resources. The recovery of a large part of our waste disposal costs through this sale of the metals and energy is particularly encouraging.

We approve of the coordinated efforts of government and private industry to construct and operate such a facility. We believe that this project, combining private industry expertise with the City's economic backing, will be an efficient and wise use of taxpayers' money. We are particularly pleased to note that HPOWER is expected to show a profit the first year of operation.

Protection of our environment will result from HPOWER's adherence to strict environmental quality protection standards. There will be no significant air or water pollution at the HPOWER site. There will also be a reduction in the pollution of our land at current disposal sites, since there will be less refuse to be buried or burned.

Landfill operations are expensive and new disposal sites are becoming difficult to find because of scarcity of land on Oahu. HPOWER will reduce the need for new sites.

The League of Women Voters supports HPOWER as a resource recovery project because it is environmentally sound. It will reduce our dependence on imported oil as well as saving solid waste disposal costs. It would be a real loss to our community if HPOWER could not be built because of lack of funding."

Anna Hoover

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