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New Names in a New Administration

$ for League!

The Board is always grateful when League is asked to do an election or vote count because it means dollars to do what League is about. But it would be impossible to say "yes" if it weren't for our hardworking membership.

We're especially appreciative of those who "volunteer" to coordinate the jobs. MYRNE BLOMQUIST is handling the Pearl Harbor Credit Union election this month. There are 3 jobs in April: TISH HICKSON is doing the ASUH election (a new one for us!) on April 4; CAROL WHITESELL is taking Mililani, a regular client on April 11 & 15; JERRY HESS is coordinating the count for Neighborhood Board elections the last week in April. It's the first mail-out election for all the Boards - a huge job.

They'll need a lot of workers. Call them - don't wait for them to call you!

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