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Whither Federal Dollars?

Dr. Stuart Brown and John Radcliffe managed to stimulate a thoughtful discussion at January's general meeting, "New Directions for Federal Government Spending."

Radcliffe of the Hawaii State Teacher's Association felt confident that the newly formed Department of Education would not be abolished because teachers are so strongly behind it. He feels that the federal government should be providing more money for education in Hawaii. At present, Hawaii gets 8% of its education money from the federal government -- about $22 million. He told us that Hawaii ranks 30th in per capita expenses for a child in K-12. He said that Hawaii spends $2600 per pupil while the State spends $22,000 per prisoner in jail. Radcliffe stated that the National Education Association believes that the cost of education should be split three ways: local, state, and federal.

Dr. Brown discussed the implications of a Republican President. He seemed to feel that Carter had been headed in Reagan's direction toward the end of his term. Brown said the only difference between Carter and Reagan is "style," and style will give us a lift but it won't solve problems. He suggested that our country will continue to drift in all areas except foreign affairs. There, Haig will be the "star." Neither party is committed to a program or a policy. We elect individuals, not parties. His parting words were to "get into the political parties and make them responsible."

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