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LWV of Honolulu Is 30 Years Young! We're Celebrating at Annual Meeting
President's Message (Barbara Farwell)
Proposed By-Law Amendment
Proposed Honolulu Program 1981-82
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Proposed Budget 1981-82
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Preschools and Prisons
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President's Message

Time stands still for no one, least of all for Leaguers, and -- incredibly -- it's ANNUAL MEETING time again. This is an important meeting, for this is when we set budget and program, amend the by-laws, and elect Board members. This is your meeting, your chance to have a real say in what League will do during the next year.

This Voter has a number of proposals to study before the Annual Meeting. The first is the budget. This is our guide for the League and there are several items to which I would like to call your attention.

First, the "bottom line." The total budget amount has been decreased by some $3000. This reflects actual spending plus cuts in our expectations for income. A few items have been increased -- insurance, postage, equipment service, and program. There have been some decreases, and, of course, we don't have to budget for any delegates to National Convention this year.

On the income side, we have decreased the amount we can expect from vote counts. And we have left the amount expected from dues at the same level. We do expect to hold a "nonevent" -- you'll be invited to buy tickets but you won't have to dress up, eat soggy pupus, or hold a loud conversation in a smoky room because this is a nonevent. Hopefully this way we can earn some money with very little work!

Once again we have budgeted for office help, and this year we will hire a part-time office manager. This person will relay messages from the tape and phone, distribute the mail, keep the member records, and create some order in an office that is getting progressively more chaotic.

So much for the budget. Also in this issue is the proposed program. The Board is not recommending any new programs for this year but we do plan several changes. We will make housing a separate committee as soon as the committee members are ready to separate from the "mother" planning committee. And we hope to have an umbrella committee composed of the chairs of all our local committees. This new urban committee would give us better coordination and coherence in our program areas.

The Board is proposing one by-law change, establishing a "family" membership. We can now do this because with National's new family membership, we have one and one-half PMP for two members residing at the same address in a common household. Since these two members no longer cost us two PMP, we can afford to offer a local bargain, too.

But Annual Meeting is more than just voting on a few items. It is also a time to reflect, and to rededicate ourselves to the work of the League. Though many of us have returned to school or found employment, our work goes on. We are needed in the community, now, more than ever.

See you at Annual Meeting!

Barbara Farwell

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