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LWV of Honolulu Is 30 Years Young! We're Celebrating at Annual Meeting
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Rape Case and the Media
Wellness for Women
Now Is the Time to Contact Those Who Make Decisions...
Preschools and Prisons
Development Plans

As the price of gasoline steadily rises and the need to conserve fossil fuels becomes more evident, automobile drivers are becoming more conscious of their driving habits. Following are some suggestions:

  • Warm up your car for only 30 seconds . any longer wastes gas.

  • Accelerate briskly but smoothly, up to 30 mph, then moderately up to 50. Keep a steady pressure on the accelerator, just enough to maintain a steady speed.

  • Drive at moderate speeds and anticipate driving conditions.

  • Avoid unnecessary idling.

  • Consider alternative ways to travel -walk, bike, or use TheBus.

For more driving tips, get your copy of "Get More Hawaii Per Gallon" from the State Energy Office, 548-4980.

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