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LWV of Honolulu Is 30 Years Young! We're Celebrating at Annual Meeting
President's Message (Barbara Farwell)
Proposed By-Law Amendment
Proposed Honolulu Program 1981-82
Nominating Committee's Report
Proposed Budget 1981-82
Ask and Ye Shall Receive
Take a Bow!
Council Quiz
Put the Lock on Gasoline Costs
Rape Case and the Media
Wellness for Women
Now Is the Time to Contact Those Who Make Decisions...
Preschools and Prisons
Development Plans

It's the end of our fiscal year and we'd like to acknowledge the following who have made contributions to the League in 1980-81 even though it's not tax deductible. A heartfelt thank you.

Max Botticelli
Carla and Walter Chotzen
Patricia Crosetti
Maya Fowler (deceased)
Marion Francis
Grace Furukawa
Dorothy Gabriele
Janet Gillmar
Marie Gilson
Joann Green
Ann Jefferies
Melvia Kawashima

Rhonda Leach
Dorothy Lum
Cora Lyman
Terza Meller
Rhoda Miller
Astrid Monson
Evelyn Oishi
Jacqueline Parnell
Claudia Patil
Dorothy Perkins
Jean Roberts
Muriel Roberts

Betty Rogers
Allan & Marion Saunders
Alice Scott
Opal Sloane
Shauna Walsh
Beth Weisberger
Carol Whitesell
Marian Wilkins
Kathleen Wolgemuth
Grace Yokoi
Trudy Zelko

Not listed are the many, many members who have also contributed in time -- hours of labor on committees, working on projects, and in the office -- in out-of-pocket expenses for duplicating, refreshments, $5 parking tickets, etc.

Also not listed are our loyal vote counters. We thank you all. Our members make League worthwhile!

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