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Annual Meeting Report

Annual Meeting and Luncheon capped an eventful League year. At age 30, we seem to be still full of spirit and rarin' to launch into the next decade. The biggest discussion item, of course, was the budget with a number of members voicing strong opinions on how a budget should be written, what it should reflect. After all the various philosophies were aired, the budget was passed without amendment.

The newest item was the hiring of a part-time office manager. The Board will be discussing duties, responsibilities, and qualifications early this summer. Those who frequent the office are looking forward to a bright new world where papers are not piled on papers but neatly filed so that they can be found again.

Roy Parker, Director of Transportation Services, neglected to tell us that HART and the $5 million study would be shelved. But he did present a broad brush picture of our mass transit system and DTS' priorities. Fiscal management, better maintenance, and maximum use of existing equipment to increase efficiency and ridership are high on the list. He also addressed the enormous cost of the system, saying that a bus is like a teen-age son -- upkeep per year exceeds initial cost. The city will probably be reviewing the fare structure again.

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