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Down with LOLITSI!

Bird-dogging bills through the legislative process is time-consuming and often frustrating, but once in a while it works. Here's a recent scenario:

1/14/81 Bill 15 introduced by Finance Cmte Chair Clement prescribing 6-month limit for granting of building permits for certain applications coming in before new and more restrictive building or zoning regs would rule them out.

  • 1/28 League testifies at public hrg in favor but adds two concerns:

    1. Language might be interpreted to require Building Dept to approve such applications, possibly raising issue of vested rights, and suggests changed wording.

    2. Bill should provide that all applications for bldg permit be a matter of public record.

    Only other public testimony from Land Use Research Foundation (LURF) which wants appeals procedure added for developers not granted permits within the 6-month period.

  • 3/4 Finance Cmte rpt on hearing cites LURF suggestions but not League's.

  • 3/24 League writes city clerk pointing out report does not address League concerns.

  • 3/31 Clement refers League's testimony and letter to Corporation Counsel for comment.

  • 4/8 Corp Counsel's report recommends revised language along lines LWV suggested and indicates LURF's suggested claims procedure is not warranted.

    Finance Cmte requests Corp Counsel consider LWV suggestion that applications be matter of public record and report back by May 15.

  • 5/15 ...to be continued...

We hope all this struck a small blow against LOLITSI (Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes Image):

Astrid Monson

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