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Housing Legislation

We've been working on housing legislation to put more emphasis on low/mod housing and we were successful in terms of Hula Mae and tax credits. We hope to be better prepared for the next session in meeting the needs of the community. Many of the bills which haven't passed are still on the table and with a little effort should be able to pass next time.

  • $50 tax credit for renters with income less than $20,000, and $100 credit for elderly.

  • $25 million Hula Mae grant with additional rider that allows purchase of land.

  • Landlord-tenant code revision which makes it easier for landlord to dispose of abandoned personal property, requires heavier penalties against locking out tenants, and increases limit landlord can charge for repairs/damages from $200 to $300.

  • In Condo conversions, eviction notice to tenants increased from 90 to 100 days.

  • Ohana Zoning - 2 family housing on one lot.

Vi Gren

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