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The International Scene - An Introduction

(The following is the first of a series by Dottie Gullicksen on the international scene and LWV. Look for the articles in subsequent Voters.)

International happenings are pyrotechnic pinwheels to the observer attempting to analyze. No one knows for sure where something started or where it ended. One thing sets off another; and no one can really see what is happening at the time.

As your international reporter, I will welcome help from LWV members. Since I am a staff of one, the invitation extended is to those who follow the news and would like to write their views in brief form. (Aloha Voter article length is a guideline.) You will receive acknowledgment unless you request otherwise. All submissions may be edited. From time to time the material will be included in Arlene Woo's "Viewpoint" on KHVH Radio. Your knowledge and enthusiasm is useful when translated into written paragraphs researched and created entirely on your own. Mail your pieces to me at P.O. Box 23271, Honolulu 96822.

Dr. Kit Glover called me upon learning I would be following the international scene for the Voter. Dr. Glover is active in her interest in international relations and made the appropriate comment that it was a big subject for one person. I hope that Dr. Glover will give us some comments on a meeting she recently attended regarding El Salvador.

Despite the limitations presently imposed by circumstances on my involvement, there are many ways in which other LWV members may become involved. Watch this column for how-to's in localizing international issues. Other topics are LWV's role in international relations; Japanese business and investment in Hawaii; Hawaii's role in a national understanding of international relations; federal and state administrations' policies and actions; international trade; the UN; domestic economic problems and foreign assistance; foreign auto imports; self-reliance for developing countries; separation of military and humanitarian-development aid.

I am humble in venturing reports on matters of such complexity. This feeling was underlined when I read the Sunday Star-Bulletin & Advertiser's (4/12/81) "Illusionary Foreign Policy Blunders" by Stanley Karnow.

Our goal is to bring highlights of international relations before LWV members; to understand the policies of LWV concerning international relations; and to enlist the interest and contribution of LWV members.


Dottie Gullicksen

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