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Nuclear Waste in Pacific?

Can radioactive waste be safely buried in the bottom of the sea? Dr. Charles Hollister from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute believes its possible and he's the primary speaker at a forum sponsored by the League, Health Physics Society, and East-West Center on June 1st, 7:30 p.m., at Burns Hall on the campus.

Videotaping of this meeting is part of the ongoing LWV public education project on nuclear waste in the Pacific. Portions of the program may be used in a 30 minute documentary on ETV later this year.

Prof. Kelly from the U. of New Hampshire, a public participation expert for the subseabed program, and three people from Hawaii who will respond to the presentation are also part of the forum.

There are many questions about radioactive waste disposal, especially when it concerns the waters around us. Take your questions to the meeting. We have to ask them NOW when they're studying the feasibility of such a measure!

Anna Hoover

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