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President's Message

Last year, shortly after Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors discussed the goals it wanted to meet for the coming League year. We all agreed on one thing: Our first priority would be action on our program items. We hoped that such action would help us retain and attract members by visibility in the community.

We have been active. Perhaps the highlight of this past year was our election activity. We organized the televised forum and follow-up debate for candidates for Prosecuting Attorney in cooperation with KITV. It was a formidable job involving a great deal of organization, but it put the candidates and the League into thousands of Oahu homes. The resulting feedback was all positive.

We did other things, too, to make the public aware of our positions. We spoke out through our weekly Viewpoints on KHVH and we wrote letters to the editors and to elected officials on a wide variety of subjects: The City Charter amendments, Development Plans, the Kakaako Special Design District, Neighborhood Commission rules, mirrored buildings, inclusionary zoning, HPOWER, building codes, fuel at Kahe Point electric plant, and parking downtown.

Not all of these activities made us popular with everyone -- in fact, a few even made us UNpopular in some quarters. But that is part of League action. All these activities were backed up by members who spent many hours at committee meetings where issues were discussed and positions thrashed out, observing Council meetings and hearings, studying, and working with task forces and coalitions.

None of these activities could have taken place without the administrative work that keeps League going -- publicity, membership outreach, program and meeting planning, finance drives, vote counts, the nitty-gritty of bill paying, typing and filing.

In short, it has been a very busy year. We've been very visible, and we will continue to try to capitalize on that visibility to increase our membership. We have not grown in membership this year, but we've held steady. Obviously, growth is an area we must work on harder.

I expect we will be very active in the coming year, for many of the issues we were concerned with this year will still be with us, and new ones will surely appear. Fortunately, we have many members who are both willing and able to contribute their time to League in both on and off-Board positions. I'd like to thank all of them -and all of you, for your support that takes so many forms, and that keeps us going.

It's been a great year! Thank you.

Barbara Farwell

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