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A total of 87 Leaguers, spouses, daughters, and friends (some counted as more than one because they worked several days) put in 706 HOURS IN 7 DAYS vote counting for two elections, Neighborhood Boards and Hotel Workers, Local 5.

The dingy tower at City Hall was noisy and a chaotic mess of boxes, mail bags, and a stupendous amount of paper (almost 47,000 ballots plus their envelopes!). The hours were long, the amenities few, the task tedious, repetitious, and endless. Nevertheless, the volunteers kept showing up, some at night after work, always cheerful and joking, and many returned just as cheerfully the next day. It was a magnificent show of support. Jerry Hess and Helen Griffin, who coordinated the effort, have become believers -VOLUNTEERISM IS NOT DEAD.

Mary Ellen Reed, who coordinated the Local 5 election (a "mere" 3500 ballots with 48 candidates for 12 seats), said, "Never again!" at 1:00 a.m. Saturday night. Jim Klein, a member of the union's elections crate retorted, "But Mary Ellen, didn't you say that the last time?" Two of Griffin's friends, looking like death warmed over, muttered, "With friends like Helen who needs enemies?"

It was an incredible achievement and we can't thank you enough. You were all just TERRIFIC:

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