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Honolulu? Hawaii? It's all the same to me!

People have a lot of trouble separat¬ing LWV of Honolulu from LWV of Hawaii -¬but we never let it bother us. But it's a bit much when LWVUS can't tell the dif¬ference:

National sent us copies of the Summer Voter, hot off the presses, because our successful vote counting efforts are fea¬tured under "Leagues In Action". They got the name wrong, but the story's great.

The LWV of Hawaii has also broken ground in the field of election serv¬icing -- and has made quite a profit in the process, in money and membership!

The League started its successful election-related career in 1975 when it agreed, as a public service, to count ballots in a teachers' contract ratifi¬cation vote. After receiving two follow up requests for its monitoring services, the League decided to go into business, and the Elections Project was born.

Since 1975, the LWV has handled elections and vote counting for labor and other organizations -- and business seems to grow every year.

The project has been a great and welcome boon in many significant ways. Financially, the League has netted $24,215 from this service, with $9264 added to its bank account in 79-80 alone. The League's increased visibility in the community has enhanced its reputation, which, in turn, has attracted new mem¬bers and contributions.

Capitalizing on its own success, the LWV of Hawaii is now marketing its ac¬quired expertise to other Leagues inter¬ested in this money-making venture. A Coordinator's Guide To Conducting Elec¬tions and Vote Counting is a simple step -by-step manual that lays out the nitty-gritty details of the elections over¬sight business.

"If you want to make money, find a need and fill it." That's the LWV of Hawaii's motto, and it works.

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