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President's Message

We often say that League shuts down in the summer, but this is never the case -not in Honolulu, at any rate. If there are Leaguers out there languishing day after day on the beach, Mai Tai in one hand and Gothic novel in the other, I haven't heart of them! Oh, many of us will be off to vacations on Neighbor Islands or the Mainlar ...but few of us do "nothing" during the summer.

However, with no formal League activities planned, we can use the summer for catching up, reorganizing, planning. And we're doing just that. New and old Board members are in the process of evaluating past programs with an eye to future activities. Committees continue to meet, and study, to keep in touch with what City officials are doing.

No, League does not shut down during the summer. We're around, as we are the rest of the year, doing the things we do best. We're busy, we're working, we're engaged in politics.

Have a good summer!

Barbara Farwell

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