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LWV Publications - Our Natural Resources

SOCS IN DRINKING WATER: REGULATING THEM. Looks at modern threats to drinking water purity and suggests changes a " community may need to make in its system. 1980, LWVEF #672, 20¢.

BLUEPRINT FOR CLEAN AIR. Background info on Clean Air Act; sources and effects of air pollution; status of air quality controls. 1981, LWVEF #222, 75¢.

SITING HAZARDOUS WASTE FACILITIES: A DIALOGUE. Highlights from dialogue among 4 specialists in hazardous waste siting, each from a different state. 1980, LWVEF #516, 35¢.

ENERGY 1 -NUCLEAR POWER: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY. Describes current literature on such nuclear debate topics as: radiation, reactor safety, proliferation and terrorism, economic and environmental concerns, and the international perspective. 1981, LWVEF #466, 20¢.

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