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Membership Survey

According to generally accepted statistics, our membership survey was a great success -- 23% returned to the office. However, optimistic Leaguers that we are, we were hoping for more than 53.

NAN LUTER, Program Chair, reported that the respondents were interested in future programs on women's issues, ener-gy and environmental issues, and legislative issues - in that order. 22 did not answer that question. Most wanted a combination of units and general meetings but no more than once a month; there was no consensus on time or day. Our local pubs (Voter, Leo Hana) are well read but most found National Voter dull and only a few read National pubs.

Thank you for participating in the survey. Nan and the membership co-chairs, ANN REEVES and AUDREY HUTER, will use the information to plan our activities for the coming year.

One thing we definitely know: League members like to be with interesting, intelligent people -- that's what they said they liked best about League:

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