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Facts, Fellowship and Fun!
President's Message (Barbara Farwell)
It's Costing Us!
Juvenile Justice Committee
We're Looking for Talent
General Meeting - Juvenile Justice
Call to Action: The Federal Clean Air Act
International Scene: Localizing International Issues (Dottie Gullicksen)
Call Women USA-Hawaii
Voting Rights Act
Stand Up and Be Counted - League Action
Hawaii Congressional Votes on Issues of Interest (Mabel Keesling)
Now You See it Now You Don't! The Impact of Federal Funds...
Role of Religion in Politics
Hawaii's 1000 Friends
Have You Heard?
Note from Nebraska
Membership Update
Nuclear Issues
September Calendar


That's what our highways look like at peak times!

Our Transportation Cmte is preparing a program for October Units and need help. They'd like new members on their committee, but would also welcome people who'd like to just work on this project.

The meeting will be at Claire's home, 46-138 Hilinama, on Aug. 27th, 10 am. If you're reading this too late, give Dee Lum (949-6716) or Claire (247-1539) a call.

It's fun working on a short term commitment, and besides, we have to do something about CarsCarsCarsCarsCarsCars!

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