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Hawaii Congressional Votes on Issues of Interest

Reagan's austerity budget resolution.

Senate: Inouye and Matsunaga Yes; House: Heftel and Akaka No

URBAN DEVELOPMENT: To provide $62.2 billion for Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Passed 362-54.

Akaka Yes; Heftel No

SOCIAL SECURITY: Proposal to restore minimum of $122 a month previously cut. Defeated 46-52.

Inouye and Matsunaga Yes

SOLAR & CONSERVATION: Proposal to increase spending by $450 million in '82. Defeated 35-63.

Inouye and Matsunaga Yes

INTERNATIONAL BANK for Reconstruction and Development: Continue US participation. Passed 65-27.

Inouye and Matsunaga Yes

TOBACCO: Motion to reduce subsidies in 1982 tabled by 56-42 vote.

Inouye and Matsunaga Yes (supported subsidies)

SOCIAL PROGRAMS: Motion to restore $1 billion in 1982 for social programs proposed for cuts by Reagan. Defeated 22-76.

Inouye and Matsunaga Yes

NEUTRON BOMB: Measure to bar government from further spending on bomb. Defeated 293-88.

Akaka and Heftel No

INFANT FORMULA: Endorse World Health Organization position discouraging sale of infant formula in 3rd World Countries. Passed 301-100.

Akaka and Heftel Yes

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