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Call Women USA-Hawaii
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Hawaii Congressional Votes on Issues of Interest (Mabel Keesling)
Now You See it Now You Don't! The Impact of Federal Funds...
Role of Religion in Politics
Hawaii's 1000 Friends
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Note from Nebraska
Membership Update
Nuclear Issues
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We're Looking for Talent

Two resignations from the Honolulu Board have left substantial pukas. ROMAYNE KARL, who was to do public relations and had already begun recording Viewpoints, is moving back to the Mainland. Her husband has been transferred to Los Angeles. (Auwe!) WENDIE WONG, 2nd V.P. and Program co-chair, has taken full-time employment teaching at Mary-knoll. (Another auwe!)

The nominating cmte will be combing the beaches for replacements. If you're interested in serving on the Board, call us before we call you, and get a choice of jobs: Call Jerry Hess, 293-8637, or Barbara Farwell, 423-1681.

The jobs we need to fill are: PR, Viewpoint (you get radio experience), Development (that's Finance), and Program. You can write your own ticket!

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