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President's Message

Action is a word we use often in League. We talk about taking action. We speak of active members and inactive members. When we tell people about League we stress our program of study and action.

Action, then, is a key concept in League. But perhaps sometimes we forget its many forms. Action need not always mean taking a role in which there is a tangible result -- a letter or a piece of testimony, for example.

Action may also be enlightening others -- a friend, neighbor, family member, or someone met in the course of a day. By discussing issues, perhaps by raising points others may not have considered, a League member is acting.

Action is also thinking. Reading and studying, thinking about issues may not produce something immediately visible, but it is action in that the thinking person uses her or his intellectual resources to work out or clarify an idea, and possibly reach a conclusion. Such contemplation will serve as a foundation for a different form of action later.

The League that is visible in the community is the one for which members testify, write letters, publish information. This is the League we think of

when we talk about action. But, as I have tried to point out, there are different forms of action. Given this, I suggest we revise our language.

No member should ever call herself or himself an "inactive" member. Of course, we need people who can be part of the visible League, who can participate in a public way (please see our Help Wanted ads!). However, any member who reads

League (and non-League) material on political issues, who talks about these issues, who thinks about them -- this is an active member. This is a member who is educating herself and others and is sharing the concerns of the League with the community.

Using these definitions, I suspect we have a 100% active membership.

Barbara Farwell

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