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Viewpoint: Planning and Development

Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it. You've heard that cliche. Well, planning is a lot like that.

Some years ago a General Plan was enacted for Oahu which had as its stated goal to control the growth of Oahu's resident and visitor population in order to avoid social, economic and environmental disruption.

Four years later, and we're still waiting for a set of area Development Plans, the first step in implementing this General Plan.

The City Council is at long last considering what may be the final draft of the Development Plans. The over-zoning of the 1960's left a legacy of excessively dense concentrations of people and buildings in the city and urban sprawl in other areas of the island. The development rights which these earlier plans created were in a large measure speculative and inflated, which led to the belief that development rights were, in fact, a mandate to develop to maximum limits. This, in turn, led to the over inflated land values and higher taxes for everyone.

We now have an opportunity to correct these past errors. The City Council has stated that action will be taken in October to approve the draft development plans with some amendments. The League of Women Voters applauds this intention and hopes that at long last it will be possible to do some realistic and effective planning for Honolulu and Oahu's future development.

Romayne Karl

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