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Highways Are the Issue!
President's Message (Barbara Farwell)
Stand Up and Be Counted
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What Is Title IX Awareness Week?
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Status Offenders in the Juvenile Justice System
Viewpoint: Planning and Development (Romayne Karl)
Orientation Coffee a Success
We're Looking for Talent

We're Looking for Talent

DO YOU HAVE A FLAIR FOR WRITING? Are you enthusiastic about what League is doing and want to share it with the public? Then YOU may be just the person we need for our public relations. You can write press releases about what League is doing, send meeting notices to the newspapers and radio stations, be as creative as you like in spreading the word about League. We have plenty of material to get you started so don't be shy. Call Barbara Farwell today and begin your career in PUBLIC RELATIONS.

Have you ever said, "GEE, I WISH THE LEAGUE WOULD HAVE A PROGRAM ON --(fill in the blank)--"? If so, you should be helping to arrange programs. As assistant to Program Chair NAN LUTER, you would be in contact with committee chairs to help them set up our monthly meetings, go-see tours, luncheons and so forth. You would also invent interesting ways to do long-range program planning for the future. Call Barbara or Nan Luter today and volunteer.

MONEY -- THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL AND THE STUFF THAT KEEPS LEAGUE GOING. If you aren't shy, have organizing skills, and enjoy raising money for others, you would be ideal for Finance. You would be in charge of developing our community sources of support, setting up our yearly fund and direct mail drives. This will frankly take time (if we could get a committee, less time would be involved). If you believe in League, and can sell that belief, call Barbara today and say, "YES, I CAN DO THIS!"

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