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Development Plans - At Last! or Alas! ?

League has consistently supported the adoption of the Development Plans despite our objections to a number of provisions. We believed that it was important to get moving on revisions to the zoning code, the final step in implementing the General Plan passed in 1977.

However, the frantic flurry of extensive last minute amendments to the final draft left League members at the Planning and Zoning meeting appalled and totally in the dark about what exactly the final plan will be. The amendment package introduced by Councilmember Nekota was a complete surprise not only to the public but to several councilmembers as well.

It appears that special interests have once again prevailed over public interest. Council's actions also raise the same question that was brought up when the General Plan was adopted: After the last public hearing, should substantive revisions be made to the draft without public knowledge? Council's action on the DPs make a mockery of citizen participation.

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