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Busy people always seem to have time to do more! JEAN KO was appointed to the city's Advisory Council for the Handicapped. ASTRID MONSON, CAROL WHITESELL, and VI GREN are serving on the Lt. Gov.'s Housing Consensus Legislation Task Force. Vi is on the Development Standards task force and Astrid and Carol are on the Land task force.

* * * *

The jet set league? Well, almost. RHODA MILLER, State pres., CATHY FILSON, Juvenile Justice Chair from Hilo, and HELEN GRIFFIN, representing Honolulu League, popped over to Maui for a few hours to conduct a work- shop at the Maui County Women's Conference. State is working on starting a League on Maui and Rhoda put together an interesting program to explain what we're all about.

If you have friends on Maui who may be prospects for LWV, call Rhoda.

* * * *

We couldn't afford to attend the conference on Affordable Housing ($40 - including lunch, of course) that the Hawaii Congress of Planning Officials had last month. However, 4 Leaguers serve on agencies that are members of the congress -- so we were there "free." JERRY HESS, chairs the Honolulu Zoning Board of Appeals; CAROL WHITESELL is vice chair of the Land Use Commission, and HELEN GRIFFIN is vice chair of the Hawaii Comm. Dev. Authority (Kakaako). The fourth Leaguer was SUE IRVINE of Hilo who is on the Hawaii County Planning Board of Appeals. There's more than one way to skin a cat!


I fell asleep the other night

And while I had my snooze,

I dreamed each member stepped right up

And promptly paid her dues.

And when I found 'twas but a dream,

I nearly threw a fit!

It's up to you to make it true;

Suggestion -- "Please Remit."

courtesy Detroit Voter

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