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Hawaii Congressional Votes on Issues of Interest

FARM BILL: Senate tabled a farm bill that would have increased milk support by more that the 70% parity proposed by Reagan.

Inouye No; Matsunaga absent.

MANDATORY BUSING: Senate voted to limit the powers of the Justice Dept and the Federal Courts to impose madatory busing of children to provide for racial balance.

Inouye and Matsunaga No.

On a motion to stop a filibuster on the anti-busing measure proposed by Jesse Helms.

Inouye and Matsunaga No.

EL SALVADORE AND HUMAN RIGHTS: Senate approved 54-42 an amendment that would require Pres. Reagan to certify twice a year that El Salvador is making progress in Human Rights to continue receiving aid.

Inouye and Matsunaga Absent.

OUTSIDE INCOME: A bill to restore the $25,000 limit for Senators on outside income from speeches.

Inouye No; Matsunaga Absent.

VOLUNTARY PRAYERS: House approved 333-54 an amendment that prohibits the Justice Dept from obstructing voluntary prayers in public schools.

Akaka Yes; Heftel Absent.

LEGAL AID: House rejected an amendment to kill funding for 1982 to Legal Services Corporation by a vote of 122-272.

Akaka No; Heftel Absent.

NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION: House passed by 262-149 a bill authorizing $1.16 m. for the National Science Foundation from the $127 m in Reagan's budget request.

Akaka and Heftel Yes.

VOTING RIGHTS ACT: House voted 389-24 to extend the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Akaka and Heftel Yes.

Mabel Keesling

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