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The League and Gucci?

If you thought J. Magnin's in Kahala Mall was just for the very sophisticated, think again. On November 16 Barbara Farwell and Barbara Hodges were there, in the Gucci corner no less, hobnobbing with the "creme de la creme" of Honolulu women.

It was all part of an effort by Magnin's to reach out into the community. The store had invited the presidents (and one guest each) of local women's organizations to a "President's Tea for Presidents" to meet the Chief Executive Officer and enjoy entertainment. The two Barbaras sipped tea at a sumptuous buffet of sweets, received certificates for complimentary makeup and wardrobe evaluations and an invitation for a spring fashion show, and vowed never again to wear jeans to the office.

When last seen they were still drooling over an elegant Gucci ultra-suede outfit. If worn to. City Hall could it be deducted as a business expense??

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