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Holiday Luncheon & General Meeting
President's Message: Charter Commission in Session! (Barbara Farwell)
Viewpoint on DPs (Ardis Shaw)
League "Raps" on Transportation (Dorothy Lum)
Teamsters Need Us!
You Can't Beat the System
Scholarship Available for Women's Studies
It Was a Fun Party
League and Gucci?
League Watchdogs Language
Have You Heard?
Attention: Times Market Card Holders
Membership Update

THELMA McLACHLAN will be part of a discussion on ERA for a high school civics class in Mililani. Thank you, Thelma, for representing the League.

* *

BEA DAVID volunteered to type the VOTER this month. With typical League spirit, she refused to be repaid for parking charges. "Don't we have to pay for working?" she asked. Not really, Bea, but it turns out that way!

* *

City Council's actions on the DPs last month resulted in irate letters to both papers. Besides LWV's official letter written by PRESIDENT BARBARA, members CLAIRE GREGORCYK and RHODA MILLER expressed their concerns. We should all SPEAK OUT!

* *

Representatives BARBARA MARUMOTO and BERT KOBAYASHI (LWV members) led a most interesting discussion on legislative procedures on Nov. 10, giving us the benefit of their considerable experience. Unfortunately, because of' the late VOTER and perhaps too busy members, only nine showed up. What a pity.

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