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It Was a Fun Party

Mahalo to Audrey Huter and Ann Reeves, for a successful wine and cheese party November 19th. Ann missed the party by being in Australia, but Audrey put together a delicious assortment of wines and cheeses. And -- many thanks to Alice Scott for generously sharing her apartment.

We had 27 members present. For those who weren't there, you missed:

...the beautiful view from the 13th floor as the sun set and the lights came on in Honolulu;

...Helen Griffin, not in jeans, but looking stunning in a beautiful dashiki from Liberia; of our brand-new members, Peter Herman;

...Audrey Huter's mother, visiting from New Jersey;

...many of our employed members whom we rarely or never see, among them Kit Glover and Marilyn Bowman -- Kit at her first League function "in years," and Marilyn at her first ever;

...Myrne Blomquist, Carol Whitesell and Helen Griffin recruiting for vote count;

...the surprise of Fran Burgess and Betty Gordon, long-time Hawaii residents and League members, meeting for the first time and recognizing each other as high school classmates (talk about small world);

...great conversation as new and old friends enjoyed each others' company.

We all agreed we must do this again -and again! Hope you'll join us next time.

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