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President's Message: Charter Commission in Session!


The Honolulu City Charter is currently being reviewed by the 13-member Charter Commission. Recommendations of the Commission for Charter changes will be placed on the ballot at the general election in November 1982. The Commission has been hearing presentations from various City departments, and has now begun public hearings. The first public hearing, on November 18. concerned Initiative, Referendum and Recall. December hearings will take public testimony on Council representation, and Boards and Commissions.

I have been asked by numerous people if the League has a position on initiative. The answer is yes -- and no. We have a State position supporting initiative, but, unfortunately, we have never studied initiative for the City. I say "unfortunately" because this is the time for action, and we cannot act. The Board decided at its November meeting that lawmaking at the two levels, and the kinds of laws enacted, were too different to simply apply the State position without further study. We just do not know how members feel about initiative to enact laws at the City level.

The Board has, therefore, decided on a member education effort on initiative. Common Cause Hawaii is assembling a collection of material which they will share with us. We hope to have this in our next Voter. As the next step, we will be discussing how best to seek member concurrence on this important issue.

Because there are two simultaneous efforts now in process to put the question of initiative on the November ballot -- one through the Charter Commission, the other through a petition drive -- it is important that we know how our members stand. If you have an interest in this topic and would like to help, please call me.

Meanwhile... we will offer testimony on Council representation, and on citizen participation via Boards and Commissions. The next Voter will contain this testimony as well as other material we will present to the Charter Commission.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I hope to see many of you at our December luncheon and Teamsters vote count/election.

Barbara Farwell

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