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Viewpoint on DPs

City Council actions last week made a mockery of its own Developmental Plan Process. After 4 years of hearings and meetings a consensus plan had been formulated and was scheduled for adoption before an October 31 deadline.

Days before the scheduled deadline the City Council made over 60 last minute changes to the Plans. This move gave citizens' groups little time to review broad changes in a plan that had taken years to develop. So extensive were the amendments that the City's own Department of General Planning Officer was reported in the paper as saying "These changes could have been proposed months ago..."

While the effects of all these amendments remain hazy it has become clear that most of them were tailored to serve the interests of landowners and developers.

People are understandably frustrated and disappointed. After contributing a great deal of time and energy to arrive at acceptable Development Plans citizens were not given the opportunity to review let alone react to the latest draft.

The Council made a big show of soliciting public input. Why did they taint the work by 11th hour backroom shenanigans? It appears they care little for public participation and have ears only for a handful of special interest groups.

Ardis Shaw

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