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Holiday Luncheon & General Meeting
President's Message: Charter Commission in Session! (Barbara Farwell)
Viewpoint on DPs (Ardis Shaw)
League "Raps" on Transportation (Dorothy Lum)
Teamsters Need Us!
You Can't Beat the System
Scholarship Available for Women's Studies
It Was a Fun Party
League and Gucci?
League Watchdogs Language
Have You Heard?
Attention: Times Market Card Holders
Membership Update

League Watchdogs Language

Lona Wyatt wrote a letter to the editor of the City Council newsletter pointing out the inconsistencies in his language. Rather than his juggling chairman, chairwoman, chairperson, or Councilman, Councilwoman, Councilmember (all these terms appeared in the last newsletter) Lona suggested uniformity of nonsexist terms: Councilmember, and Chair. The answer from the Office of Council Services which publishes the newsletter says that the policy has been to let individual writers use their own terms. Some see no sexual overtones in terms and prefer to use them. Well, anyway, according to Deputy Director David Lum, they will "take the matter under advisement."

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