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Current Studies / Current Action Programs

This issue of the Voter contains two very important questionnaires. They seek your views regarding the issues your League, both national and local, should emphasize in its action program this year. Is there perhaps any old position we should drop as out-of-date or irrelevant? Are there new issues that deserve our concern and study? And, to which of our program items should we give priority?

Please give the questionnaires some of your time and thought, and return them -- with your comments -- to the League office before January 20th.

We need your response because the League, as you know, is a grass-roots organization. The National Board and your Board are preparing program recommendations for the year ahead, a responsibility that must be carried out within the next few weeks. But it is the members -- not the Board or any committee -who determine what that program is to be.

If you, the members, feel that we should drop any of our present positions, or, on the other hand, if you feel that we should continue to support the positions indicated on the questionnaires, mail the forms right away so that your suggestions may be included in the program recommendations. Remember, we also can update old positions or undertake new studies.

In short, we want -- and need -- to hear from you. It's your League. So please complete and return the questionnaires.

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