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The following statement was released by the LWVUS in response to the decision by Judge Marion Callister which upheld the right of states to rescind their affirmative vote on ERA, and struck down the right of Congress to extend the ratification time for ERA.

"The League of Women Voters is appalled by the decision handed down by Judge Callister today. This shocking decision flies in the face of both historical precedent and the authority of the U.S. Congress. We are confident that Judge Callister's decision will be overturned by subsequent judicial review.

"In the interim the campaign for equal rights between men and women has undeniably suffered a blow. There could have been no strategic political move better calculated to burden the legislative process in the states. Legislators who are opposed to ERA will seize upon this decision as grounds for inaction. However, backed by growing grassroots support for ERA consistently documented in national polls, we will not let legislators off the hook.

"League members are used to long struggles. We were born out of decades of struggle for women's suffrage. We will continue to fight for the ERA because nothing can protect a woman like the Equal Rights Amendment."

Ruth J. Hinerfeld
President, LWV of the U.S.

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