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Looking Ahead with League
President's Message (Barbara Farwell)
Vote Counts: Fun Earning Funds
How Observant Are You?
Teamsters' Election a Winner for LWV!
Christmas Luncheon a Success
Nuclear Waste Disposal: A Critical Issue (Ardis Shaw)
E.R.A. (Ruth J. Hinerfeld)
Membership Update
Current Studies / Current Action Programs
Honolulu League Program
Recommendations for 1982-84 National Program

Honolulu League Program


MEMBERS - the grassroots - recommends program (via mail) to:

THE BOARD - evaluates member suggestions and recommends program (via Aloha Voter) to:

ANNUAL MEETING - where membership decides on the program for 1982-83.

League of Women Voters of Honolulu, Local Program Planning Report Form, 1982-83
Return to: Nan Luter, 116 S. King #504 96813.

Person reporting: Phone:

Current Program Positions

Retain Issue With Emphasis On: Drop

Local Government:
Support open & responsive government


City Council:
Support non-partison elections, council composed of both at-large & district members with majority from districts, part-time council members


Promote understanding of Oahu transportation needs & problems


Promote understanding of the planning process; promote city planning which includes overall development objectives & encourage-citizen participation; encourage increased housing production to meet needs of all residents.



On items checked as action, please specify what kind of action.

On items checked as re-evaluation and consensus, please indicate areas of concern.

On items checked as community outreach, please give suggestions on what projects might be undertaken.

On items checked as member update, please specify areas and type of information needed.

On items checked as "other", please specify.

Study Suggestions



For STUDY SUGGESTIONS: On each issue, indicate the problem to be addressed, scope and focus of proposed study and reasons for recommendation.

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