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General Meeting on Reapportionment and Initiative
President's Message (Barbara Farwell)
Public Hearing - HECO's Kahe Power Plant Proposal
LWV Ed Fund: Election, Criminal Justice Projects Planned
Legislative Hotline
Vote Counts: Volunteers Needed
On Women
Updated Transportation Position
Conference on Environmental Protection & Inflation
Paired Housing Program
Let's Do Something About It! (Jerry Hess)
Membership Update
Legislative Tour
Scholarship Fund
Initiative ("Pull and Save")

Membership Update

Welcome to:

LIBBY OSHIYAMA 1543 Makiki St. 4608 Honolulu 96822 947-1058 r 538-7193 b

DR. PAULINE G. STITT 1434 Punahou St. #927 Honolulu 96822 941-0662

Address correction:

HOLIDAY GEIGER 99-601 Kahema Place Aiea 96701 488-0341


Bobbie Alicen, Mary George,

May Higa, Alan Kinball, Eleanor Morse, Ruth Park, Deborah Somerset.

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