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Updated Transportation Position

The League of Women Voters of Honolulu supports transportation planning which will identify the public's needs and use creative and innovative approaches to meet those needs.

There should be a two-way communication system in which all segments of the public have input to the transportation planning process. This should be a system in which the planning agencies inform the public of data, concerns and goals in order to enlist the public's informed participation and understanding.

The League seeks a planning process which recognizes that transportation must be an integral part of long-range planning for Oahu. We recognize that any transportation system must be evaluated in part as to how it helps implement land use goals.

Planning ahead is vital to provide mobility and to meet transportation needs. We seek a balanced transportation system which provides for increasingly attractive alternatives to the automobile. Highway construction should not necessarily be the first choice when planning for mobility.

The transportation system should continually strive for improved service which will provide equal access to transportation for all while continually assessing differing needs. We realize that overall trip time is paramount in the public's estimation of service and that any feeder system is a vital link to the total system.

Public transportation should be marketed aggressively. Mass transit and a parking strategy should be meshed in such a way as to encourage transit use particularly during peak-hours.

Adopted 1975; Revised 1981
Transportation Committee

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