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A New Home!

The League, and all our papers, have a new home come April 1st! We're moving to 49 So. Hotel St. -- the Empire Building. This is just around the corner from our present office in the same block as Liberty House.

The new office will be larger than our present one by nearly 100 sq. ft. and -- of course -- more expensive, as you see by the 82-83 Budget. We were unable to obtain a long lease and the future is uncertain after two years.

Why have we agreed to take an office that will not be permanent? The unhappy truth is that for what we wanted and needed in price and size, we can only afford old buildings!

When we looked around town, there simply wasn't very much available that filled our needs. The office search cmte feels it has gotten the best it could for what we were willing to pay, and our being able to stay downtown is a bonus. There is plenty of expensive space, little inexpensive space.

The office search cmte, NAN LUTER, CLAUDIA PATIL, ADELINE SCHUTZ, MARIAN WILKINS deserve congratulations and mahalos!

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