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President's Message

My first League activity was as a member of a study committee. That was some twelve years ago, in Boulder, Colorado, when we were doing a national study for consensus on development assistance. I remember our consensus meetings as rather raucous affairs; this was at the height of protest over the Viet Nam War, and tempers flared over a sensitive subject like foreign aid.

Fortunately, the trauma of that consensus did not keep me from joining other committees. Here in Honolulu I worked on consensus studies of the United Nations and the presidency. And although I have taken on many jobs for the League, my first love has always been the study committees. These are the heart of League, for from these committees come the people who write and give testimony, who lobby legislators, who are the League's "experts."

If you have never served on a study committee, or haven't for a long time, please consider joining one of these now.

  1. Planning and zoning -- mainly concerned with issues of land use planning including Development Plans, zoning, housing. The co-chairs are Astrid Monson (261-3907) and Helen Griffin (373-1879).

  2. Transportation -- with HART dead for the moment, and H-3 still in court, mainly concentrating on better planning for better service with the mass transit system we have. The chair is Dee Lum (949-6716).

  3. International Relations -- concerned with national issues such as United Nations development assistance, and trade. We have just one person following IR, Dotty Gullicksen (949-3598).

  4. Women's Issues -- concerned with anything affecting women, including ERA, equality in education and jobs. Contact Lona Wyatt (734-5011) or Sheila James (373-4298).

  5. Schools -- concerned with implementing our position on schools by monitoring the Board of Education, and acting in the Legislature. The chair is Caroline Ingersoll (373-3753).

  6. Natural Resources -- concerned with every aspect of the environment (air, water, nuclear/solid/hazardous waste, coastal zone management) and energy. Anna Hoover (373-9605) is the State Board chair for this program item.

  7. Juvenile Justice -- concerned with implementing our position on juvenile justice at the State level. The State Board chair is Cathy Filson of Hilo, our local contact is Marty McGurk (595-2914).

  8. Governmental issues -- focused currently on reapportionment. Anne Lee (395-0115) is State Board chair.

We get into all sorts of things in League, but these are our main committees. All of them need members. What would you get from joining a committee? New friends. Hard work (as much as you want). Knowledge. Experience in writing and speaking. Respect. Frustration. A sense of accomplishment.

I have already decided what committee I want to join when I'm no longer League president; I've told Anna Hoover I'll be her "hazardous waste person." (I'm not sure what hazardous waste is, but I know I'll find out!)

I'm signed up for a committee; what about you?

Barbara Farwell

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