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Financial support for LWV comes from many sources: corporations, individuals in the community, and fundraising projects such as our vote counts. But the most heartwarming contributions are from our own members 71.7110 already give so much of their time -- which we all know is worth more than money.

The following have made contributions over and above their dues during the past fiscal year (since April 1, 1981):

Laura Goo
Dorothy Gullicksen
Kate Haenisch
Edith Sassier
Rosalind Herron
Fay Hill
Leona Jona
Kay Kaneko
Melvia Kawashima
Linda Kekina
Kate & Hugo Kortschak
Rhoda Lewis
Robin Loomis
Dee Lum
Cora Lyman
Althea Marrack
Alma Murray
Kilali Alailima
Kay Allen
Eve Anderson
Jean Aoki
Martha Black
Marilyn Bornhorst
Max Botticelli
Fran Burgess
Walter Chotzen
Betty Doria
Barbara Dykes
Beverly Endrizal
Dr. Marion Francis
Grace Furukawa
Dorothy Gabrielle
Marie Gilson
Claudia Patil
Dorothy Pellegrin
Betsy Pendleton
Winnie Phillips
Jean Roberts
Muriel Roberts
Marion & Allan Saunders
Edna Shoup
Opal Sloane
Ruth Snyder
Beth Weisberger
Wendie Wong
Arlene Woo
Lona Wyatt
Grace Yokoi
Trudi Zelko

These individuals contributed over $600 to the League this year. Mahalo nui loa -- you're terrific!

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