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Oahu General Plan Being Revised

Six years ago, League worked hard to secure adoption of the General Plan, a broad community consensus to guide the island's future development. This was a necessary first step in the transition from the free-wheeling development practices of the 1960's and 70's to more orderly growth.

Unfortunately, the next steps did not follow. Six of the eight Development Plans which were to implement the GP are still in limbo, and even the two (Primary Urban Center and Ewa) which were adopted with questionable revisions, are still to be effectuated through re-zoning.

But time has caught up with the planning process. The 1973 City Charter requires that the GP be reviewed at least every five years, and the next act in the planning drama is therefore revision of the 1977 GP.

The Department of General Planning has recommended that the GP's basic philosophy and its general objectives and policies be retained, with only limited revisions. These are now before the City Planning Commission, which has already held three public hearings on them. After CPC approval, the City Council can move ahead with its own hearings and adopt them. So, by summer, the planning process could be back on track.

Because the GP is the island's basic planning instrument, it is important that whatever revisions are made improve rather than weaken its fundamental objectives and policies. For a summary of the revisions being recommended by the DGP, see ASTRID MONSON's article in the Sunday Focus section of the March 28. Advertiser - Star Bulletin.

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