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President's Message

When I was elected president in April, 1980, a two-year term seemed so long. Yet here it is - April, 1982, and I'm about to turn over the gavel. It is an appropriate time to share with you the accomplishments of these past two years.

During the 1980 elections, the League moved into the TV world. With a great deal of help from KITV, we produced a televised forum and debate of candidates for City prosecuting attorney. The shows were overwhelmingly successful.

After that TV debut we might have rested on our laurels. But League never rests. Instead, we have been highly visible in the community. We have testified repeatedly at City Hall, and our persistent lobbying on the Development Plans, housing for low-moderate income people, the City Charter, and sensible planning in general has impressed our friends and non-friends alike. And our observers at City Council and other City agencies continue to be our eyes and ears.

Energy got our attention, too, and we lobbied for HPOWER while opposing Hawaiian Electric's return to high sulfur fuel at Kahe Point.

We have continued to reach the public with our weekly Viewpoints on KHVH. We have reached both the public and members with meetings that have ranged from juvenile justice to TheBus service, from the impact of Reagan's policies on women to reapportionment. We have touched a great many bases.

In addition, we have raised money through our corporate mail drives and vote counts. And we've functioned administratively very well, dealing with the day-to-day business of an organization.

None of the successes of the past two years -- or any years -- would be possible without you, our members. You are the League and your support, by your dues and your contributions of time, is what keeps us going. You are wonderful, and I'm convinced that Leaguers are the greatest volunteers in the world.

Thank you for a marvelous experience. It's been great!

Barbara Farwell

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