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What's the Planning Committee up to?

The Planning and Zoning Committee spent February and March trying to juggle a dozen current issues involving the City Council, the Legislature, and various agencies and organizations. With the 1977 General Plan up for its first five-year revision, the PUC and Ewa Development Plans up for one-year review, six other draft DP's being revised for resubmission to the Council, zoning revisions in process, and a host of planning, land use, zoning and housing bills before the State Legislature, the Committee had more than enough to do.

A few of the highlights:

  • Interviewed Council P & Z Chairman Akahane and Dept. of General Planning Chief Planning Officer Chow on how to improve the complicated planning process and speed up adoption of remaining DP's.

  • Testified before Joint Senate Committee opposing bill permitting landowners to sue the State or Counties for losses in land value resulting from any down-zoning.

  • Testified before City Council supporting changes on Detailed Land Use Maps of twenty resort areas to residential, agriculture, or preservation, and supporting in principle the transfer from City Council to Department of Land Utilization of power to issue Shoreline Management permits.

  • Participated with Housing Consensus Legislative Alliance and Consumers' Housing Task Force in support of Alliance's slate of housing bills.

  • Had an informal discussion with DLU Deputy Director Bob Jones at our monthly committee meeting on the proposed zoning revisions based on the PUC and Ewa Development Plans adopted by the Council.

  • Prepared LWV testimony on General Plan revisions and testified at Public Hearings on them.

The committee, looking for ways to keep busy, also planned and arranged for last month's Go-See Tour of Waikiki. Thanks to ASTRID MONSON, who has been haunting the halls of Honolulu Hale and the Capitol, and MARY LIZ CARLMARK, who put our March Program together:

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