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International Relations Cmte Meets

New Faces and Fresh Enthusiasm

Carrie Pressly and Linda LaiHipp, new members of the League, came to the first meeting of a group interested in international relations.

The three of us are looking forward to a larger cmte with other interested members. Linda wrote up the minutes of the 1st meeting in March. Anyone interested in receiving a copy, call Dottie at 955-5220. Until a full cmte on international relations is formed, we decided to work together on a study already begun on Central America.

Carrie told of her experiences in Turkey, which I'd like to share. Using rusty French and some Turkish to communicate, she spent '77 and '78 traveling in Ankara, Istanbul, and various places along the Black Sea. She was an "outsider" and admits to experiencing some embarrassment in regard to U.S. foreign policy while living there.

She joined League because it is a well respected organization and she wants to be put to work, to gather information, and to feel that what she is doing will be put to use.

Linda writes terrific minutes, especially for someone asked after the meeting was over, rather than being forewarned. She is refresh ingly enthusiastic about her proposed study of Cuba and the Cuban government before and since Castro. She has a quantity of experience with Cubans, having lived in Miami, Fla.

Linda is both honest and clear about why she wants to work in international relations. She has many unanswered questions and much incomplete information, and she wants to be informed in this very important ares. She feels working with a cmte will help her.

Thanks, Carrie and Linda. We need others too.

Dottie Gullicksen

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